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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lisa Sexy Foot Creamed

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Incredible sex gallery from LegSex. Lisa is giving a well hung guy a great footjob, he cums all over her amazing sexy feet, and she licks it off. oh my god, i love you lisa! your sexy tickling feet make me cum twice a minute.. hehe!

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Club's Tickling Feet Story - pt.3/3

feet tickling porno

Being a foot fetish guy, however, I'm always turned on the most when my wife is teasing some guy with her sexy tickling feet. Jacuzzis are a fun place to do that. My wife has perfect teen feet, and always keeps them in the greatest condition. They are size 7 1/2, she has nice arches, and her toes are in perfect symmetry, spiraling downward in size from her big toes to her gumdrop shaped pinky toes.

After a while of going to the club, you get to know people there, and it gets to be pretty social. One evening in particular was especially rewarding because we were surrounded by two other couples whose husbands also have a foot fetish. Like my own wife, their wives are not only accepting of their husband's foot fetishes, but they are also indulgent in allowing them to have foot fetish fun with other women. On that particular night it wasn't long before each of our wives rested their heads down upon their shoulders, and agreed in unison to offer their sexy tickling feet to one another's husbands. One of the teen had teen feet very similar to my own wife's feet, and the third women had larger feet, which I also happen to enjoy, so I began sucking the toes of one of her sexy tickling feet first. Her husband started sucking the toes of one of the feet of the other guy's wife while that woman's husband started sucking the toes of one of my wife's feet.

As it happened on that evening, a number of other men were in the jacuzzi, and upon seeing us start sucking on the toes of these deliciously sexy tickling feet, a couple of them whispered that they, too had a foot fetish. Another guy said that he didn't really have a foot fetish per se, but he wanted to suck some toes as well. We guys just kind of mumbled some laughter, and the women remained quiet. Although there were more guys in the jacuzzi that evening than there were available spots next to our wives, some of the other guys practically crawled over one another just to add themselves to the mix, and have some kinky fun themselves.

I've seen this kind of thing in private homes, but I've never really seen this kind of thing in a public jacuzzi. Sure, it's not that unusual to see two women having their tickling feet played with at the same time, especially in this kind of a setting, but to see three women having their sexy tickling feet attended to at the same time by six different men, and having an additional five men at their sides playing with them at the same time too, well that doesn't happen every day. In fact, I haven't seen it happen since, although it would be pretty cool to have foot fetish parties in such an environment where men are treating the woman with such sensually erotic attention.

Even though I was sucking the toes of another man's wife while massaging her teen feet, I was pretty much watching only my wife as she was being thorougly stimulated, as that's what turned me on the most. She was clearly loving every moment of it. In our foot fetish line , there were four different men stimulating my wife at the same time, one at each of her feet, and the other two combined their happy efforts to play with her breasts, pussy, and clit. Evidentally, as I later learned from my wife, the guy who was mainly playing with her pussy and clit was expert, or just lucky, at reaching up into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot. He knew just where to go, 'cause my wife's orgasms were both clitoral and vaginal, so she had an explosion of multiple orgasms that just kept occurring. She told me afterwards, "We can do that again anytime you want!"

The other wives were clearly happy with their own orgasms, too. And without a doubt, we guys ejoyed ourselves immensely!

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My Club's Tickling Feet Story - pt.2/3

At first she did nothing except to gyrate her hips a little bit, and as I learned later on, she simply thought that I had been the one playing with her. I reached underneath the water myself to feel if this guy was playing with her, which I did discreetly. I gently pressed a few of my fingers up against the other side of her sexy tickling feet, and could tell that there was some movement down there other than my wife's gyrations. I carefully glanced over to the guy to my right, and to her left, but from every appearance, he was simply sitting there next to my wife, and doing nothing. However, when one of my fingers ever-so-slightly touched one of his, I knew for sure that he was playing with my wife's pussy and clit.

Because of the pulsating jets, this guy hadn't even realized that I had touched him, and I had quickly pulled away with the excitement from knowing that he was playing with her. I slid my right hand down to gently squeeze my wife's right thigh while at the same time grabbing her right sexy foot with my left hand to massage the sole of her foot. It was at that moment that she fully realized that someone else was playing with her. With her head still resting sideways down upon her folded arms, since she was facing in my direction, she momentarily, and discreetly opened her eyes to me, and then opened her mouth with a silent "Oh, my gosh" look. I simply gave her a wink to let her know that this would be an experience that she should allow herself to enjoy, and had in fact already been enjoying. She enjoyed it a lot, and came hard within a relatively short period of time.

Her very naughty Foot Job ended shortly after she realized that this other man had been fingering her, but not because she had learned of this. It simply ended when she came hard, and multiple times. She instinctively turned to the guy, whispered a quick "thank you," and then turned to me to carry on a quiet conversation as if nothing had happened between the two of them. Realizing that I was with her, the guy quickly got up, and disappeared into the locker room.

From that point on, just to have some naughty fun, we'd go to the club and allow other guys to play with her in the jacuzzi. Guys would basically approach her in one of two ways. They'd either start a conversation with her, offer her a "back massage," and then it would often get sexual underneath the water. Or, more often than not, guys would simply feel their way underneath the water to her pussy and clit, at which point she'd happily and quietly accept it for what it was; a very naughty way for her to get off.

Mind you, these situations occurred in a public place, so the sexual stuff had to be accomplished with the utmost discretion. Then again, that was part of the excitement. Sometimes, when we were feeling really naughty, when she was willing of course, and the jacuzzi's jets bubbled up enough to give her good cover, I'd strip her bottoms off, and she'd be in the jacuzzi with only her top on. It was particularly arousing and exciting for me to do this with her when I would stuff her bottoms into my bathing suit, and walk away to watch things from afar. I loved how stripping her bottoms off would leave her virtually helpless to do anything about it since she couldn't very well just get up and leave. Whenever I would do this to her, her heartbeat would start racing. She'd give me this dirty, but knowing look, and then say, "You are so kinky , and I love it!" Then I'd give her a quick kiss and leave to be a somewhat distant voyeur.

Sometimes, depending on my wife's frame of mind, she'd just confess to the guy who was talking to her that "my husband stripped off my bottoms," pointing in my direction, and then say, "and he's over there watching us." Then she'd coyly wave to me, and have fun with the guy's reaction. Other times she'd simply take some guy up on his offer to give her a back massage, or a foot job..hehe, and then just let him discover on his own that she wasn't wearing any bikini bottoms. Either way, it was always highly erotic to watch, and pretty much know what was going on.

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My Club's Tickling Feet Story - pt.1/3

feet tickling sex story
feet tickling foot job


My wife and I enjoy being a little naughty in public as long as it's safe, sane, and invloves foot jobs of course. One of the places that I enjoy getting a little kinky with her is at our health club, though of course this is a public place, and one needs to be discreet about what you do. Then again, being in a public place can, and certainly does make things that much more exciting.

One of the things that I really like about my wife is that she enjoys flirting. I love it when she teases some guy with her feet at some public place, especially when it's clear that he has a foot fetish. Because of her experiences with me over the years, she's happily learned that her feet hold a lot of power over guys who have a foot fetish. But even when a guy does't have a foot fetish, a lot of them will often pay her sexy tickling feet some very sensuous attention, so the naughtiness usually turns out pretty well. Frankly, I get off on any kind of sexual tension that is created between my wife and other men, and the health club is often a great place to meet both men and women who are open to having a little naughty fun together.

One of my favorite places to play with my wife is in the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi's jets usually stir up enough bubbles to mask anything that might be happening underneath the water. A lot of times we just play with each other, but it's not uncommon for other men to involve themselves, too. My wife happens to enjoy giving foot jobs in the water, so when a guy is bold enough to be a little naughty with her in the jacuzzi, she will often allow it to happen . Not only does she enjoy herself, but she also knows that it's a huge turn-on for me to watch.

There is one club location in particular whose very large outdoor jacuzzi allows more privacy than most. Except on the weekends, a lot of times the jacuzzi is only really being used by people who aren't particularly there for the mere pleasure of relaxing in the jet's bubbles. In fact, some of the long-time regulars are there to hook up for some very naughty fun . When I told my wife that it wasn't unusual at all for men to approach women in the jacuzzi to be sexual with them, she could hardly believe that this would actually happen. The first time that I took her there to prove my point, however, it happened within a few short minutes.

My wife had been resting her head on her arms, which were folded in front of her on the edge of the jacuzzi. I was sitting up at her side. Her back was to the middle of the jacuzzi, and her torso was facing the wall of the jacuzzi, and a strong jet. The pulsating water from that strong jet that was stimulating her pussy and clit would have been good enough for her, and in fact, she often came that way all on ther own. But when some guy had sat on the other side of her, reached underneath the water, and began fingering her pussy and clit, ever so slowly at first to be sure that she would accept it, she actually thought I was the one doing it.

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Misty & Esmeralda Lesbo Tickling Feet Sex

Misty & Esmeralda are new faces in the foot fetish scene online, you can see these girls are not really into sexy tickling feet but who cares? they both have mavelous feet, they endulge each other's naked body and lick those feet real nice for amateurs.

this is kind of a dark scene, I love Esmeralda's hairy bush.. but it makes me even hornier watching her licking Misty's tight ass.

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Michelle Getting Naughty On Camera

This little blonde chick is so hyperactive that even the camera man couldn't keep up with the shoot.

watch her lick her toes, fingering her tight pussy while moaning so hard. the full video shows her sexy tickling feet in every angle.

in this gallery of hers i found she's dressed up as a business woman with black net stockings, high heels covering her sexy tight feet and of course the black eye glasses no porn star can do with out this days.

Lisa's sexy feet get creamed with cum2 Lisa's sexy feet get creamed with cum

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What's Inside LegSex.com Exactly?

I get a few e-mails every week asking what exactly is inside LegSex.com? so here's a little review of the site -

' Leg Sex has been around as a printed magazine since 1997 and each issue is filled with beautiful women with long legs and sexy tickling feet. I even bought a few issues myself a few years ago to check it out and I was impressed. I am also impressed with Leg Sex as a porn site since they bring sexy leggy babes from the printed page to my computer screen. Mistress Angelina runs the site and you can contact her via email. While the magazine comes out only six times a year, the site is updated every few days. Twelve women are featured in the current issue including Sonia, a sexy legged blonde that is fucked on a desk.

The models range from blondes, brunettes and redheads with a few Asians thrown in for a nice mixture. They enjoy wearing a wide variety of foot and leg wear including high heel shoes, sexy tickling feet, boots, tickling feet, foot fetish, teen feet, socks, foot jobs, fishnet stockings and nylon pantyhose. Action include mostly solo women showing off the legs and feet but sets with men-women and women-women action also appear. Summer's snatch is rubbed with Rebecca's sexy tickling feet while she is wearing flesh-colored pantyhose.

The picture sets can be found easily in the pic-toe-rials section or you can search for a model's name in the model directory. Each set contains twenty thumbnails that can be clicked on to view the larger sexy tickling feet pictures. The larger pictures varies in sizes but they are quick to load. The lighting and the quality are both excellant. Each set can be downloaded in zip files. You can choose to download the zip files for either 800x600 and 1600x1200 sizes.

to clonclude - If you enjoy long legged women with sexy tickling feet, Leg Sex is the cream of the crop. The site brings the women found in the magazine straight to your computer screen. The price of admission is fair due to the quality of the content found within.

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